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Landing pages serve a specific purpose to provide essential information that drives the quality and quantity of conversions. A quality landing page will gain the trust of your visitors and have them wanting more.

We've taken our experience over the last 15 years to really dissect and analyze every part of what makes a landing page successful. Here are a few points we'd like to share to show you there are many layers to our methodology.


The banner ads and search terms get users to your landing page and your landing page should make use of those same keywords.

Elements are weighted so the eye moves in the direction you want... which is to the point of conversion (e.g. the submit button).

The goal is to capture a lead so we need to make it as simple as possible by only asking the user for the most minimal information.

So when all is said and done and we've analyzed all aspects of what it's going to take to make this landing page successful, this is what we've got!

There can obviously be a lot more to a landing page than this. You could incorporate video, image carousels, multiple sections that highlight each key part of your product or service. Multiple CTR sections are not uncommon.

Another strategy in landing page design and lead generation is exit capturing. This practice attempts to catch users that are about to close or move away from your landing page and offers an incentive to stick around and finish the process.

Whatever your strategy is; or maybe you need one, we can help. In the past we've helped bump conversion rates 600-1000% which is incredible when it comes to your bottom line and ROI.

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