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Audio Academy was a music aggregator that pulled together the worlds hidden gems. It was also the springboard for Battle of the DJs.

The goal was to create a community of music lovers that included up and coming DJs and producers and use it as a platfo

About Audio Academy

Quite simply The Audio Academy is a place that we hope will provide a platform for aspiring DJs and Producers to get a break. Unfortunately the way of the world, regardless of the industry or community you work in, dictates that it is often not solely down to your talent. We all require a bit of help along the way in order to reach our goals. By partnering with a variety of people that we have met on this journey we have been able to put together a compelling competition that can give that leg up to the DJ or Producer that is hungry enough to reach out and take it.

Not one of us is a DJ or a music producer we all just really love music. In particular, we love what DJs can do with music. Truth be told this idea was formulated over a rather long (drunken) rant about what was wrong with the world today while one of our favorite albums played in the background. Somehow we went from the pros and cons of the Euro to coming up with this idea. The thing is though, like most good ideas, it just made complete sense. We can't spin wax. But a pile of people out there can. In fact, a lot of people out there can do it really well. And guess what, not all of those people are catching the breaks... just like us.

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